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Cookware Cleaning Paste-Oven and cookware pot cleaner

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Product Description: Cleans, polishes and protects all surfaces in one step, quickly removes dirt, removes grease, glaze and moisturizes When it is in a water condition, you can quickly clean your items Package Contains: It has 1 Piece of Cookware Cleaning Paste Material: Pharmaceuticals, active factor metal powder, plant coconut oil, etc. Capacity: 500 gm Features: 1. Stainless steel cleaning paste cleans your home kitchen and removes the black scale on the bottom of the pot. 2. Metal products: suitable for metal products, stainless steel products (kitchenware, oven, tableware, pot stand, faucet, range hood, etc). 3. Ceramic products: floor tile, ceramic tile, sinks, bathtub. 4. Plastic products: computer case, air conditioner cooler, engine hood, etc. 5. Auto parts: glass and bathroom mirror 6. Waterproof and anti-fog function