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Pet Fur and Lint Remover Multi-Purpose Double Sided Self-Cleaning Brushes

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Product Description: Pet Fur & Lint Remover will be your good pet care expert around you. Fur Remover is a must-have for every pet owner to maintain a hair-free and lint-free home, clothes, and furniture. The lint brush is very easy to use and you needn?t spend too much time learning and cleaning. It can help you to create a clean and healthy home. Package Contains: It has 1 piece of Fur & Lint Remover Brush (Includes Fur Cleaning Brush, self-cleaning base, and travel size Fur brush) Material: ABS Plastic and cloth Size: 12.2 X 2.2 X 0.83 inch Travel-sized hair remover size: 5.75 X 2.4 X 1.14 inch Features: 1. Reusable pet hair remover with self-cleaning base doubles as an upholstery cleaner for couches. 2. Double-sided, extra-large lint brush removes fur and lint twice as fast as a one-sided lint brush. 3. One dip in the self-cleaning base removes pet hair from the Fur lint remover. 4. No refills required - unlike other lint rollers for pet hair, there?s no tape and no mess.